I, and not Stonebwoy, should face off with Shatta Wale - Samini

Reggae ancestor claims he should be in the Sounclash event against Shatta Wale and not his boy, Stonebwoy

I, and not Stonebwoy, should face off with Shatta Wale - Samini

Ghanaian reggae artiste, Samini, has declared that he should be the one facing Shatta Wale instead of Stonebwoy.

Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy are on the cusp of a verzus battle on Asaase FM's Soundclash but Samini is extremely unhappy with the development. 

According to him, the only reason Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy are considered rivals is that he passed down the rival baton from himself to Stonebwoy. He maintained that the true rivalry was between him and Shatta Wale from the very beginning, that Stonebwoy just automatically inherited it since he was his own artiste.

Samini made this know in a video on his social media page. In the video, he expressed his displeasure at the fact that Stonebwoy did not tell him of the battle he is about to have with Shatta Wale on Soundclash. He disclosed that it was Shatta Wale who called to inform him in the end, which should never be so.



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The dancehall legend stated that Stonebwoy is aware of his desire to battle Shatta Wale to finally out their rivalry to bed irritated that he could not understand why his own boy, Stonebwoy would agree to battle Shatta Wale instead of telling him to finish off the rivalry with him, his boss.

Samini also called out the so-called entertainment pundits for allowing such to take place when they obviously know that Shatta Wale should be in the ring with only him.

He further pointed that the pundits have been on Shatta Wale's side recently after they let his distasteful comment about him slide the United Showbiz show recently - Shatta Wale claimed that Samini was using cheap tricks to gain publicity. 

“You people are trying to tell me that you would watch Shatta Wale go and clash my son Stonebwoy who Shatta Wale started to diss and beef because he was my artiste,” he said

“Pitching Shatta against Stonebwoy is a mismatch. We like placing square pegs in round holes. I expect my son Stonebwoy to tell Shatta that until he finishes what he started with me, he can’t come down to his level to clash him cos it is not his fight.” he concluded.