12-Year-Old Boy narrates the History of Lake Bosomtwi in seconds

The footage is an excerpt of the Soiree Tour Program yet to reach your screens

12-Year-Old Boy narrates the History of Lake Bosomtwi in seconds
Kwabena Boateng, Historian

Kwabena Boateng, a 12-Year-Old Boy has splendidly narrated the history of Lake Bosomtwi to the amazement of Soiree crew that paid a visit to Abono on Saturday.

Soiree News featured Ghana's Natural Lake in their upcoming Television program soon to be aired known as ‘Soiree Tour’. The broadcast is aimed to promote Ghana’s Tourism and bring up to speed inhabitants within and outside the country on what the former Gold Coast has to offer in terms of sightseeing.



As the crew of four persons together with the host had a few footages at Abono and got on board in a boat to experience the perfect breeze of Lake Bosomtwi, the 12-year-old boy was standing at the bank of the Lake waiting for cameras to get to him. On arrival at the shores, Patrick Brown, a member of the crew and a co-host engaged in a chat with him and discovered such an amazing potential.

When the Soiree cameras got to him led by the host, he gave an entire history of the Lake that was much richer and undemanding.



“I learnt the story from the elders in the village and at school. Whenever tourists arrive, it’s our duty to make sure they leave with the history of the Lake,” he said when asked who taught him.

Watch the excerpt of Soiree Tour with Kwabena Boateng.