Concerns of the Media on coronavirus vaccination shared

Media persons in the Ashanti Region after the press conference with the Ashanti Regional Health Directorate on the roadmap of the covid 19 vaccination revealed concerning issues of covid-19 antidote.

Concerns of the Media on coronavirus vaccination shared
Soireenews reporter interviewing a media person.

A section of media reporters in Kumasi have squeezed out concerns on the coronavirus vaccination set to commence in the Ashanti Region on March 2, 2021, as communicated by the Ashanti Regional Health Directorate.

Led by the Regional Health Director, Dr Emmanuel Tenkorang, the roadmap for the immunization was shared with media men during a press conference in the capital of the Ashanti Region, Kumasi on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, and personnel available were encouraged to use their various platform to dissolve any form of misconception and conspiracy theories established to ward off interest in the vaccination.

“One thing I want to assure you is that vaccination is not new in Ghana,” the Regional Health Director, Dr Emmanuel Tenkorang told.

“Through vaccination, we were able to eradicate so many diseases. If you will remember, recently, we talked about measles, and the incident has gone down. We did it through vaccination.

“We've also vaccinated so many people using the yellow fever vaccine. And those of you in Kumasi will remember recently when we had the outbreak of H1N1 in Kumasi Academy. We vaccinated, the students, the process is the same.

Ghana on Wednesday received 600,000 AstraZeneca shots from India to help boost the fight against the coronavirus and SoireeNews after the press conference granted interviews to know the concerns of broadcasters beseeching Ghanaians to partake in the upcoming vaccination.

Whiles some were content at the arrival of the vaccines and considered it as a 'game-changer to redeem the human race from the woods', a few dismissed the relevance of the virus with the notion that some clarifications needed to influence them into taking the vaccines were not clear hence their decision to hold on for some time and analyze situations.

“I am a bit scared due to comments online by people who have been vaccinated. Some have undergone certain side effects which seems not normal so I have decided to hold on for some time. As of now, I will rely on my vegetables and local food to boost my immune system and also adhere to the protocols. Honestly, I won’t be part of the exercise,” Sebastian Kobby of Silver FM said.

Silver FM’s Isaac Asiedu told SoireeNews that until the assessment is made on the first phase to know the good and bad effects of the vaccine, there is no way he will risk his precious life for something he has no knowledge of.

“I have decided not to for the vaccine. Because according to them (Regional Health Directorate), after the first phase, the assessment will be made to know the working of the vaccines. I’ll love to lay low and watch what happens before any further decisions. For now, I will hold on until their assessment is made before any involvement. I won’t be part of the first vaccination,” he revealed.

Foster of the Punch Newspaper was at crossroads on whether to partake in the vaccination. Per his words, the medical team’s failure to conduct tests on a person to know his health status before the vaccination is life-threatening. He disclosed that “tests must be done before injecting the vaccine because without it, how do I know whether any sickness after is as a result of the vaccine or not?

"It all bothers on the health directorate to give us the necessary education on the virus on the need to take the vaccine and the aftermath of the process.”

Others received the news of the vaccination with pleasure and anticipated that it will help ease the struggles of life as a result of the novel pandemic and help revive the Ghanaian economy.

“This is a game-changer as far as I am concerned. The country has been battered by this virus and the receipt of these vaccines will relieve us of the pains we have gone through looking at the stats by the Ghana Health Service. I will take the vaccines and encourage many other Ghanaians to do same.

"Already, there are many forms of misconceptions that the vaccines are some forms of grave attempts. The health service has allayed such fears. I am not scared because this is a global challenge and looking at how WHO has invested in bringing out the vaccines, we are all same. I take the solace from public figures who have already taken the vaccines and that tell us we are safe,” Jonathan Ofori of  Asaase Radio disclosed.

“We had our doubts and we know lots of conspiracy theories but after meeting the Ashanti Regional Health Directory, we are good to go, and he has also charged us to do a bit of sensitization and I believe it’s going to go well,” Kwasi Debrah of Multimedia, Kumasi told Soireenews.

Hafiz Tijani, a staunch member of the Islamic faith outlined the roles played by religious leaders and advised that prayer is key but must follow answers and to him, the result is the production of the vaccines and its arrival is the answer to the terrible intimidations of the coronavirus.

“When the virus came, the religious groups, health workers and government all played a role. I am a Muslim, I believe in prayer but prayer without action will not yield any results so I think with this vaccine coming in, we can also get it and forget about the conspiracy theories and misinformation.

"I have heard people telling others without any evidence. It is something you should disregard, there is not any scientific proof and you should focus on getting ourselves out of the woods. The virus has caused a lot of destruction to the economy and so if the vaccines are coming in to alleviate these plights of Ghanaians and Africans. It’s a welcoming thing and we must embrace it. I will be ready to take the vaccine.”