CSHDAG pooh-poohed Energy Commission comment on secondhand products Appeals for govt consideration on ban

Following the Energy Commission's description of second hand electronic appliances as high energy consuming products amongst others, CSHDAG is appealing for human-interest organizations to intervene.

CSHDAG pooh-poohed Energy Commission comment on secondhand products Appeals for govt consideration on ban

Concerned Secondhand Dealers Association of Ghana(CSHDAG) is discrediting the description of electronic appliances by the Energy Commission (EC) as high energy consuming appliances and going to ban those items.

CSHDAG vehemently opposes the commission's planned banning of secondhand electronic appliances stating that the sector employs hundreds of defunct small-scale mining, banks, and microfinance companies.

According to CSHDAG, the Energy Commission (EC) in a news item that has gone viral highlighted three major challenges associated with home-used products stating that Ghana has become a dumping ground for home-use products, second-hand electronic appliances consume high energy and they also have harmful effects on human health.

But CSHDAG stated categorically that all the allegations by the Energy Commission are falsehoods and do not wealth listening to. At a press briefing today, September 7, 2022, in Accra, CSHDAG stated that there is no place in the country where home-used products can be found and cause environmental effects.

"Even our waste products are being collected by scrap dealers which are given to recycling companies in the country for recycling which again creates a lot of job opportunities for these scrap dealers and the various recycling companies in the country.

The recycling companies even say they even need more of these products for their production", a statement read by the President of CSHDAG, Mr. Daniel Asare. On the Energy Commission, CSHDAG stated that all home used products are of European standards some of which are store rejected.

"They have a very low consumption rate as compared to the brand new products imported from China which are being recommended by the Energy Commission for the general public", it said.

On health issues, it says "the news circulating that home used products have some chemical substances which cause health problems are false and baseless.

There is no scientific proof to this, so where is the Energy Commission getting or gathering this misleading information from? It is an open secret that some brand new products dealers are behind these dubious moves", the statement further stated. Contrary to the assertions by the Energy Commission, CSHDAG could boost keeping body and soul of many who otherwise would have been without employment.

Home-used products contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the National Economy by way of taxes and duties at the port authorities and the government. "Over 90% of the population uses home used products be it television, microwaves, irons, blenders, Washing machine, gas and electric cookers, mattresses which are relatively cheaper as compared to brand new products.

Even cars and others are brought to the country as a home used", he revealed. "We are by this press conference pleading with the Christian Council, the National Chief Imam all opinion leaders in the country to come to our aid to abolish the Energy Commission intention through the government to ban second-hand goods", it further stated.

Report by Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor