Guinness-Nigeria Introduce New Guinness Smooth Stout

Guinness Nigeria Plc has unveils its new brand of drink, Guinness Smooth stout into the market.

Guinness-Nigeria Introduce New Guinness Smooth Stout
Guinness Smooth Stout

Guinness Nigeria, a subsidiary of Diageo, Plc of the United Kingdom was incorporated in 1962 with the building of a brewery in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos. The brewery was the first Guinness operation outside Ireland and Great Britain. Other breweries have been opened over time

Recently, Guinness Nigeria Plc introduced Guinness Smooth Stout. 

The company stated that the drink was developed by Guinness master brewers, local and international, to deliver an exciting and stand out beer that is perfect for casual social occasions.

However, the Guinness Nigeria Master brewer commented on the new brew, 

He said;

 “Guinness Smooth is a perfect partner for spicy foods and BBQ. The smooth refreshing taste balances the spicy heat, while the distinctive characterful flavour ensures Guinness Smooth is a beer that doesn’t get overshadowed by the food.”

“We did a lot of research and together with the local team and the team in Dublin, we came out with a Guinness expression that has a lager refreshing; it’s 5 per cent and it’s a Guinness that you would want to enjoy with your friends when you go out and want to have a hangout conversation.”

He added that, the new product seeks to compensate Guinness enthusiasts whose taste buds yearn for a perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavour.

Guinness Master Brewer, Peter Simpson, is optimistic the entry of the new product would go a long way to increase the company’s market share.

“It’s going to be absolutely huge in Ghana and I can see this going a million miles,” he said.

However, Guinness Smooth Stout was introduced into the Ghana market recently amidst fanfare and celebrity endorsement.