"NABCO Trainees Are Equally Fit For The Labour Market" - NABTAG President Tells MIPS And Government Agencies.

"It is my wish every trainee gets permanent job within or after the two years left" - NABTAG president

Dennis Katakyie, NABTAG president

In connection with the president’s call on the NABCO MIPs to consider NABCO trainees first when job openings strike, NABTAG would like to entreat the various Module Implementation Partners (MIPs) to heed to this urgent call.

The menace of graduate unemployment has wrecked the nation for a long period, thus, an initiative like NABCO which seeks to provide beneficiaries with the needed employable skills to enable them get permanent jobs through the exit pathway arrangements should not be overlooked. The scheme has so far proven to be impactful with lots of testimonials from both the trainees and the Module Implementation Partners (MIPs).

However, NABTAG seeks to inform the various organizations that in as much as the incumbent Akuffo-Addo – led administration has assisted in provisioning the initiative, there ought to be an inclusive backing from the organizations in which the beneficiaries are undertaking their duties. The overt support by natural observation hinges on aiding in the retention of trainees who are working under them.



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The import is founded on the following immediate justifying factors:

1. A platform for the acquisition of work experience: NABCO has created the enabling environment for trainees to acquire practical hands-on working skills as they work with their MIPs. They are well-served the avenue to work and learn through their engagements on the job roles: this will impregnate them with employable experiences.

2. Training through NSTA: NABCO, being work and learn scheme, has also structured its institutional architecture in such a way that there is enough room for the trainees to enhance their capabilities. The NABCO Skills and Talent Academy (NSTA) was launched by the president during the one-year anniversary celebration to kickstart the training and development phase of the initiative. This arrangement gives trainees enough room to imbibe more knowledge and get a broader scope of understanding. A tremendous investment has been made into this initiative with the sole aim of tackling the root cause of graduate unemployment - lack of employable skills.

3. The right channel for trainees to showcase their working skills: Furthermore, we cannot underscore the fact that as the trainees work with their MIPs, they are showcasing their abilities of which the MIPs can assess and make informed decisions;

All these considerable factors come together to justify NABTAG’s conviction on the subject of this release – for MIPs to view NABCO trainees as qualified for the job market.

In this wise, the Nation Building journey can be impactful. Not leaving out the beneficiaries’ part of the bargain, NABTAG would like to admonish trainees to uphold the NABCO KPIs (i.e. Knowledge, punctuality, and Integrity). These work ethics, when adhered to, will fill them with a clear conscience for an effective work delivery.

"It is my wish every trainee gets permanent job within or after the two years left" , the president added