Never even heard of that 'nonsense' rule - Mings slams John Moss

Manchester City were victorious against Aston Villa after much controversies leading to Dean Smith's send-off.

Never even heard of that 'nonsense' rule - Mings slams John Moss
Mings warm up at the Etihad

Tyron Mings has slammed referee John Moss for letting Manchester City’s first goal to stand after an offside in the build-up to goal by Bernardo Silva.

The hosts’ first goal was ‘questionable’ when Rodri came from the offside position to tackle Mings, before laying a pass for Silva to eventually grab the opener.

The decision saw Dean Smith sent off his line after attracting two yellow cards for exchange of words. TalkSPORTS reveals that Mings’ ‘deliberate’ play for the ball meant the goal stood, correctly according to the laws of the game.

However the 27-year-old took to Twitter after the game and aired his frustration at the decision penning that had he known there were such rules, he would have cleared the ball.

“Never even heard of that rule, just let players stand offside, then run back and tackle you?


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“In hindsight I should’ve cleared it, 100 per cent, but didn’t even know that was the case. Nonsense.”

Dean Smith commenting on his dismissal from duty by referee John Moss told the decision was unfair as it would have been a different case had it been ‘other manager.’

 “It certainly wasn’t [for swearing]. There’s nothing that can get censored.

“I asked the fourth official if they’d had juggling balls for Christmas and he [the referee] produced a yellow card and said he was doing his interpretation of the laws of the game.

“I said, ‘well you should have started that earlier in the game’.

“I think I got treated differently to other managers there because if any other manager actually says anything there, I don’t think they get sent off for that at all.”