Pope Francis’ under fire for liking model’s sexy Photo

A Vatican investigation has been launched to probe Pope Francis’ IG account for ‘Liking’ model’s sexy photo

Pope Francis’ under fire for liking model’s sexy Photo
Natalia Garibotto

Pope Francis' Instagram account was discovered to have liked a raunchy photo of Bikini Model on Instagram.

The photo of the model, identified as Natalia Garibotto, has now however been unliked by the account of the head of the Catholic Church - but not before screenshots were taken by internet users.

A Twitter account, Barstool Sports, spotted the like and shared a screen recording showing the Pope's Instagram name in the likes section of the model.

The photo shows Brazilian model Garibotto wearing a racy outfit that resembles a school uniform along with the caption, "I can teach you a thing or two," and a happy devil emoji.

The bikini model herself had earlier claimed that the pontiff’s verified Instagram account ‘Franciscus’ was among the 133,000 that ‘liked’ her photo standing at a school locker in a white crop-top and a barely-there skirt.

The Vatican authorities have launched a probe to find out who liked the model's photo through the Pope's official account


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The Catholic News Agency has clarified that Pope Francis's social media accounts are run by a team of employees, not the Pope himself, effectively absolving the Pope of any form of blame.

The Pope's Instagram doesn't follow Natalia Garibotto, and many suspect that someone in charge of his account made the error not knowing they were still signed in.

It's unknown what will be done if they find the culprit behind the "like".