Try Me In 2024 Polls; I Am Not Going To Take You And Your Votes For Granted—NDC PC Urges Assin South Constituents ;As He Visits Two Paramount Chiefs 

The NDC stalwart made these observations when he officially paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of Apimanim Traditional Area in Assin Manso, Berima Kwame Nkyie XIII and Paramount Chief of Atendensu Traditional Area at Nyankumasi Ahenkro, Odeifo Tibu Darko Ampem II recently.

Try Me In 2024 Polls; I Am Not Going To Take You And Your Votes For Granted—NDC PC Urges Assin South Constituents ;As He Visits Two Paramount Chiefs 
LPARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE FOR National Democratic (NDC) in the Assin South Constituency of the Central Region, Mr Stephen Kofi Baidoo, has expressed grave worry about lack of social and infrastructure intervention developmental projects and programmes in Assin South Constituency under the political leadership of the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Honourable John Ntim Fordjour, saying that he is the change the Assin South people need.

The NDC stalwart made these observations when he officially paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of Apimanim Traditional Area in Assin Manso, Berima Kwame Nkyie XIII and Paramount Chief of Atendensu Traditional Area at Nyankumasi Ahenkro, Odeifo Tibu Darko Ampem II recently.

The Assin South NDC was accompanied by his Constituency Executives, representative from Assin North and AAK Constituency, Council of Elders, some Coordinators and branch Executives.
He told the prominent chiefs to admonish all to allow peace to prevail in the area before during and after the 2024 showdown and entreated the chiefs and other traditional office holders to rally behind him by way of advising their people to vote massively for him to win the seat and bring the needed development to the area.

Mr Baidoo stated categorically that he is the only hope for the good people of Assin South Constituency and accused the sitting MP for taking the people in the area for granted.
The NDC PC blamed Honourable Fordjour for his poor performance in regard of lobbying for the social and infrastructure development projects and programmes to be brought to the people in Assin South, stressing that the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP lacks the lobby skills. 
In this sense, Mr Baidoo whose people 
called as a grassroot person stressed that he and NDC have determined to win the Assin South parliamentary seat in the 2024 general election and appealed to all Ghanaian eligible voters, particularly the electorate in Assin South to vote massively for him and the NDC to win the political power in the 2024 general elections to change their lives.
He stressed that "we people in the NDC are not going to take the people of Assin South constituency for granted as has done by the current MP and his ruling NPP government.
The NDC PC noted that being the grassroot personality who is currently contesting for the parliamentary election in the area, the welfare of the people in the area is very paramount to him, pledging to champion the skills training and business development for the teeming unemployed youths in the area.
Mr Baidoo assured that he would champion the free enrollment of the youth into apprenticeship skills and vocational training as a centre of his leadership to ensure the creation of wealth to help reduce the poverty of the people in the area.
He stressed that "l am not even coming here as to be the MP for the area and win the seat, thereby taking the people for granted, but l am living in Assin South Constituency for the past 20 years, who knows the real challenges and problems facing the people in the area."

According to him, "I lived here, l have my business here, l work here so this is the place l come from, believes that regardless of the background, the young people to be provided opportunity to reach their full potential through the well developed and coordinated education and skills training to address their needs and aspirations in their lives.
The NDC PC disclosed that all the wrong things that the incumbent MP has done in the constituency are there for the good people of Assin North to see, "but in the reality the NDC is coming to power in the 2024 general elections.
"Therefore by having the new MP as the NDC person would mean that we would continue to bring social and infrastructure development to the ordinary people in the area.
"Let us imagine if John Dramani Mahama wins the power in the 2024 showdown and we don't have an MP from Assin South Constituency, what kind of development we can bring to the people in the area, but getting an MP would be the great chance to bring more developmental projects to the area to reduce the poverty of the people," Mr Baidoo stated. 
He added that "What l can say is what we in the NDC intend to do for the people in the area and Ghana as a whole when given the nod to win the 2024 general elections. So we are  appealing to all Ghanaians to try us in 2024," he appealed.
He pointed that out the sitting MP has completely failed the people of Assin South, stressing that "all what the wrong things the incumbent MP has done done,  l think that the good  of Assin North have seen them.
" we are winning the seat in the 2024 general elections by the grace of God, by getting an MP and by getting a President and District Chief Executive.
He mentioned that the NDC has a good track record and achievement in Assin South, adding that pieces of information available clearly show that most of the social and infrastructure developmental projects and programmes in the area have been taken by the NDC government.
He mentioned that it was the NDC government which has provided the electrification, National Community Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compounds, roads, education facilities water and sanitation projects in Assin South. 
But the young outspoken PC was quick to lament that "today are the road networks in the Assin North are very poor. Today when we are coming  from Assin Nsuta l burst two tyres on the road. When we went to Assin North l burst four tyres on the road. So it is only in the Assin  South that you will have bad roads with deep holes. So there are many have to be done in connection of bringing social and infrastructure developments in the area."
Mr Baidoo stressed that the lack of poor project planning; inadequate management skills, lack of accountability, lack of stakeholder involvement; unrealistic plans, no measure to evaluate quality poor, inconsistent project management discipline, duplication of efforts, poor risk management strategies among others in Assin North that is why the NDC has to step in  to come and bring the change in the lives of the people in  the area.
He assured that "I think for me, my focus and vision is to bring more decent jobs and that these jobs we are talking about are practical ones.We are talking about manufacturing, because it is clearly shows that we have all the raw materials, and that what we need is to add value to them."
He noted that he is a doer not a talker or  promiser, stressing that "As for me l don't just talk but l have brought business oriented people to Assin North who are ready to help me to effectively implement these polices of creating more decent jobs through effective skills training for the unemployed people/ youths in the area that what l am talking about.
He stressed that "we have these experts who are going to help me to roll out these manufacturing jobs."
"We are talking about the great tourism sites that we have in this area, and that we are talking about jobs in agriculture sector, adding value to the raw materials that we have here in Assin South. We are also talking about tourism development. We have a great tourism sites in Assin North that we need to develop. We also have tourism and agricultural and the fourth one is technology. For this one, we will discuss it later.
"But these three areas, l am assuring that when given the nod to be elected MP for Assin North seat , l am not going to implement these initiatives my self, but l would serve as a facilitator, a pusher and someone who can help force these things to happen in the area that is what we need," he further assured.
He stressed that "We are going to make sure that even before going to the election in the 2024, we are going to start some these projects in the area, to make the people know that we are not just talking in talking seek or making campaign promises but we really mean business."
The Assin South constituen­cy is located in the Assin South District of the Central Region of Ghana.
The current Member of Par­liament (MP) is John NtimFord­jour who had 17,121 representing 39.25 per cent as against the opposition NDC candidate, who obtained 10,201votes presenting 23.38 per cent, in the 2020 parlia­mentary poll.
In presidential election, Nana Akufo-Addo had 26,629 votes, with John Mahama’s 15,003 votes, representing 62.2 per cent and 23.06 per cent respectively.