Rattray Park CEO calls on the Public to Make use of the Newly furnished Centre

Rattray Park enrich lives through quality parks and programs by helping you to live longer, be happier, feel great, reduce stress lose weight, build family unity, create great memories and memorable experiences.

Rattray Park CEO calls on the Public to Make use of the Newly furnished Centre
Mr. Isaac Owusu, Rotary Park CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Kumasi Rattray Park, Mr. Isaac Owusu has communicated that the redecoration of the recreational centre is complete therefore, the public can access the place for their events and ceremonies.

Rattray Park is constructed to enrich the lives of the residents of Kumasi by providing safe, affordable, welcoming parks and recreation facilities, and human services activities for people of all ages to play, learn, contemplate, build community and be good stewards of our environment.



The center has undergone a few modifications in terms of security and playground facilities to enrich customers experience.

According to Isaac Owusu, the vison of the park to provide affordable recreational, physical and cultural opportunities for all of Kumasi residents is about meeting the needs and interests of customers.

“When we took over, we sampled some views from the public and we got informations. So we started with the ultramodern swimming pool and we came out with the dome, which was very good, and the so-called fountain which was not working is now working and we have brought in more children’s items.



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“We have horses available. People can come and sit on the horse so they are all ready and they are set to take off,” he added.

The CEO disclosed that there is an introduction of local dishes to warm up the appetite of indigenous visitors plus varities of continental plates.

“Now we are bringing the local food. Fufu, Aprapransa, the Pizza, everything is ready from Sunday on.”

He called on everyone to make the newly furnished park their priority in the festive Christmas season.